Jeri Mills M.D.

Dr. Mills is available for keynotes and to teach self-healing workshops and seminars. She also teaches Reiki classes and offers private healing sessions. Some of her most popular topics are listed below, but presentations can be modified to best suit your venue.

For scheduling and pricing information please Contact Jeri Mills.

Workshops and Seminars


Relax, Visualize, Succeed!

It only takes three minutes a day to change your life! Learn powerful techniques that will relieve stress, help you to make creative changes, and embrace your personal power.

Energy Medicine as an Adjunct to Western Medicine

Throughout history, people from every culture have learned to work with the human energy field in order to promote relaxation, pain relief, and healing. As the science of medicine developed, modern cultures turned away from these old and proven practices. After centuries of separation, we have come full circle and realize that by combining the best of Western medicine with the ancient healing arts we can provide more comprehensive, humane, and effective care for our patients.

Embracing the Power of Intent and Belief


Learn how intent and belief drive the process of all healing modalities. Discover how energy medicine either alone or as an adjunct to western medicine can help to relieve the physical and emotional effects of chronic disease. Learn techniques to use for personal healing and empowerment.

A Journey into Creativity and Self-healing

This two-hour presentation begins with a general discussion of energy medicine. Dr.   Mills then introduces the shamanic journey as a tool to tap into the participants’ creative nature. She then teaches a technique of holographic trauma resolution. No previous knowledge of energy medicine required.

Reiki in Obstetrics and Gynecology

This one-hour talk is an ideal introduction to energy medicine for both labor and delivery staff and expectant parents.

Animals and Energy: Healing our pets


As we use Reiki, Shamanic healing and other forms of energy medicine to improve the health and well-being of pets and performance animals, these creatures in turn bring us profound healing and self- knowledge.

Reiki One

A full day workshop that presents the basics of energy medicine and Reiki, attunes the participant as a first-degree reiki practitioners. Several hours of hands on experience allow the participant to leave with the confidence to use this ancient healing art for self-healing and the treatment of others.

Reiki Two

This full day workshop presents the concepts and techniques of distance healing, and introduces advanced techniques of hands-on healing. Reiki One prerequisite

Advanced Reiki Training

Dr. Mills teaches several advanced healing techniques in this full-day workshop. Reiki Two prerequisite

Reiki Master Teacher

Two day intensive. By invitation only.

Reiki for Horses

One hour introductory lecture and/or half day hands-on workshop teaching healing techniques for horses

Healing the Past: A road to reclaiming your personal power

Dr. Mills presents techniques that heal trauma without having to re-visit it.


Dr. Jeri Mills is an effective therapist who had a wonderfully transformative effect on my staff at a technical college, providing us with useful relaxation and grounding techniques to help us cope and thrive in a high pressure work environment. I loved every minute working with Jeri, and highly recommend her for presentations, trainings, consultations and sessions. -Dr. Tim Dosemagen