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Connecting with the Earth

Connecting With the Earth
Excerpt from “Healing is Believing” by Jeri Mills, MD, Copyright©2013 Jeri Mills
In Ayurveda it is believed that energy enters the left side of the body and is released from the right side of the body. Using this simple principle, I am able to turn any outdoor walk whether I am hiking in the desert or simply walking to the end of the driveway to collect my mail, into a healing with just a few simple steps (literally ☺).
Start walking.
As your left foot first comes into contact with the ground begin to inhale slowly. Continue inhaling for 3 steps (left, right, left) (step=footfall).
As you inhale, imagine that you are drawing the green, healing energies of the planet in through the sole of your left foot.
Feel that energy moving up your leg and swirling through your body.
The next time your right foot comes into contact with the ground, begin to exhale.
Continue exhaling for 3 steps (right, left, right).
As you exhale, imagine that the green energy that has been swirling through your body is now moving into your right leg, down to your foot and out through the sole of your foot back into the earth.
Repeat the cycle as you continue your walk. In, two three… Out, two, three…
Eventually, you will be able to move earth energy through your body whenever you walk with almost no conscious effort. As you relax into this exercise it becomes two things; a healing cleanse and a walking meditation.
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