Jeri Mills M.D.

Energy Balls and the Power of Intent and Belief

Energy Balls and the Power of Intent and Belief
By Jeri Mills, M.D.
Since the release of my first book, I have had the privilege of meeting healers from all over the country. Some of them have shared tales of their most profound healing experiences with me. My friend David recently shared a story that shows how intent and belief can turn even a simple exercise into a powerful healing tool.
David is a Reiki master and Tai Chi instructor. For many years he has taught a Tai Chi class for cancer patients. In an effort to explain the concept of Chi (life force energy) to his students, David uses an exercise many of us learned in our first-degree Reiki classes. He has his patients move the palms of their hands together and apart until they can feel the energy between them, and then he has them form it into an energy ball or “Tai Chi ball” as he calls it.
David began, “One day after forming her energy ball, a woman who had just begun treatment for throat cancer asked, “Now what shall I do with it?”
“She caught me off guard,” David told me. “In those days, I’d never thought about it being a healing tool; it was a parlor trick, a way of teaching people to feel their own energy, no more.”
Without a lot of thought, I glibly suggested, “Why don’t you rub it onto the places on your face and neck where you are receiving your radiation treatments. It may help to reduce the side effects from the radiation.”
 “She obviously believed I knew what I was talking about even though I didn’t myself.”
“How often should I do that?” she asked.
“Oh, at least 5 or 6 times a day.”
David continued, “She took me at my word and started doing what I had suggested. After that she never needed to take any of her pain medicine and she never developed the burns and blisters they expected to come with her radiation treatments. The doctors couldn’t understand what was happening. They were so concerned they began rechecking and re-calibrating their equipment to be sure she was really receiving all the radiation she was supposed to get. The machines were all working just fine.
“Finally, she was due to receive her last treatment, a massive blast of radiation. The radiation oncologist told her, ‘This last treatment is twice as strong as any of your previous treatments. It’s going to cause a severe burn, lots of blistering and a lot of pain, but it’s necessary if we’re going to lick your cancer’.
David smiled, “Even the doctors’ dire predictions couldn’t crush the spirit of that determined 72-year-old. She had complete faith that the energy balls would protect her. So she doubled the use of the energy balls and went in for the treatment. The doctors couldn’t believe the results. She developed what looked like a slight sun burn after the last treatment, but she never developed the severe burn or blisters they had predicted.”
David continued, “Two years later, the same woman walked into my class one day and said, “Hi. I just wanted to say thank you because you changed my life.” She gave me a big hug, turned around and left.”
Since David shared his story with me, he, several of my students, and I have taught a series of cancer patients to use “energy balls”. We have seen a significant reduction of side effects in all of them. What started out as a “cool healing story” is proving to be a valuable tool in the care of patients receiving radiation therapy cancer. We hope to see this complementary treatment offered to many others.
By Jeri Mils, M.D.
Dr. Mills is a physician, veterinarian,intuitive healer, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and author of “Tapestry of Healing: Where Reiki and Medicine Intertwine,” “Healing is Believing” and “Gluten-Free with Dr Jeri”.