Jeri Mills M.D.

What I Love

Last night at Sacred Circle, we did a wonderful exercise. After a brief meditation, we took out pen and paper and spent about 10 minutes simply writing what we love. Here’s what I wrote:


What I Love


I love the shadows and textures of the Sonoran desert

I love the play of colors and light at sunrise and sunset

I love the song of a coyote chorus serenading outside my window

I love the gentle calm of a horney toad sitting placidly at my feet…making eye contact

I love the song of the wind as it rushes over the mountains

I love the comforting warmth when my little dog drapes herself across my lap to sleep

I love the soft purr in my ear when the cat snuggles in my arms and rubs his head against my chin

I love the beauty and joy that come when a circle of friends and I raise our voices in song 

I love the spontaneous harmonies we weave together… a celebration

I love the warmth and healing that flows through us all when we join hands in a circle

I love the love that flows from heart to heart when we hug to say good night

I love sharing energy and healing… be it with an individual or a crowd

I love nurturing people whether it is with healing or with food

I love the creativity of writing and cooking and making music… of spontaneously flowing into dance

I love twirling and swaying and flowing into the music… feeling my body become a part of the music

I love the wags and kisses from puppies I meet on our walks

I love laying on the earth at the base of a Sahuaro and breathing the energy in through my heart and then returning the healing when I exhale love through my heart back into the earth

I love sitting in a field during a meteor shower and being bathed in star dust

I love wrapping my arms around a horse, rubbing her belly and having her return the hug by wrapping her neck around me

I love chocolate and cheesecake and tart, red cherries

I love fresh vegetables- crisp and clean

I love being part of a community

I love the friends who see me for who I really am… and love me anyhow