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What people are saying about Tapestry of Healing by Jeri Mills, MD

“Tapestry of Healing is a penetrating look at how consciousness, spirituality, compassion, and conventional medicine can be used in a seamless way.”

Larry Dossey, MD
Author:  Reinventing Medicine, Healing Words, and Healing Beyond the Body

What People are Saying
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“Jeri Mills, M.D. is unusual. She is not only a physician who has developed her own healing gifts, but is also a veterinarian with a place in her heart for all creatures in need of care. Dr. Mills has studied shamanic and Native American healing, and Reiki, and found that “ healing just turned on automatically” as she ministered to the women in labor and delivery at her hospital. She tells the stories of her experiences in Tapestry of Healing writing clearly and convincingly about approaches to using healing and its benefits. This book is warmly recommended to anyone interested in how healing can be integrated in a medical practice.”

Daniel Benor, M.D.
Author of Spiritual Healing


“Tapestry of Healing is a compelling book that skillfully layers different aspects of Jeri Mills’ journey into an informative and inspiring work. Not only does the book portray Dr. Mills’ personal story of discovery, it also paints a convincing picture of the healing strength of Reiki, a powerful and mysterious conduit that connects all things. Having myself taught Reiki for many years, what Dr. Mills describes in Tapestry, the essence of Reiki, is of special interest to me. Whether one is a more advanced student, or knows little about the field of energetics and integrative medicine, Mills’ welcoming voice engages the reader, always proposing new ways to look at things, including one’s self.”

JaneAnne Narrin
Author of One Degree Beyond: A REIKI Journey into Energy Medicine


“Tapestry of Healing is the answer to every Reiki Master/Teacher’s prayer. It is the perfect book to give every student on every level. Dr. Jeri Mills is blessed with the ability to transform the mysteries of Reiki into a down to earth language for all to understand. Reading about how she combined her medical background and experience with the healing powers of Reiki, inspires all of us to spread the good news about the many benefits of this wonderful healing modality. This book is a MUST own for your Reiki library. Whether you are practicing Reiki, teaching classes or just curious about what it is all about, treat yourself to a journey of simplicity in understanding the way it all started and the way it should be.”

Kiki Peppard, Reiki Master/ Teacher
Host of Internet Radio Show Hand in Hand at


“Tapestry of Healing is a powerful and stimulating book authored by Dr. Jeri Mills. As a dedicated medical professional, her words express the practical use of Reiki. She resonates Reiki in laymen’s terms, to all medical and non-medical students that desire to give something more to their patients, friends, family, and for self-empowerment. A must have resource book for Reiki energy Practitioners/Teachers. We supply a copy of this book to all the students who are taught by Reiki Energy Center Practitioners.”

James A. Pocza, AAS, Reiki Master Teacher
Reiki Energy Center, Founder/Director


“Tapestry of Healing had a major impact on me. I have gone through Reiki Master training, but hadn’t felt a strong connection to Reiki or my ability to use it. As I read Jeri’s book, the “aha” came through. It filled in all the blanks and I got connected in a life changing sense. Let the healing begin! Tapestry of Healing covers all the dimensions of using Reiki; real life application, history and the love for the art of healing others. From this day forward I will require everyone to read this book first, before I attune them to any level of Reiki.”

Melanie Saenz, Reiki Master Teacher


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